Rent Tent - Four-Season, All Weather for Extreme Conditions

These tents won't keep you much warmer, but do handle wind and snow better than a regular tent. See full product details.


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $65.00
  • 7 Days $80.00
  • 14 Days $99.00

How this works...

NOTE:  There is very limited availabity on these in early March.  Call before placing an order for that time frame.

These are the tents you want to rent if you are facing the prospect of serious weather - howling winds and snow for example - in the winter anywhere or anytime at highest elevations. These are overkill for most summer-time camping below tree line. And while somewhat counter-intuitive based on its name, don't expect a 4-season tent to be much warmer than a regular 3-season model - there's no insulation in any of our rental tents.  but they will generally keep more wind out as well as drifting snows.  

By design, 4-season tents are heavier and stronger than the normal 3-season tent variety - built to withstand accumulating snows and strong winds. Most of the materials are heavier gauge and the setup uses bigger and stronger poles, and more of them. There are typically more guy-out points as well. This added protection comes at a price; these tents are typically twice as expensive to buy, which accounts for the noticeably higher rental cost.

Our 4-season tent rental choices include the 1-person Access, the 2-preson "Fury", and 3-person Remote, all from MSR. Also available are the 2-person Chinook from Big Sky and the 2-person NammatJ from Hilleberg.  Most models are "two-wall" tents: the tent body, which includes some mesh material on the walls for maximum ventilation, plus a waterproof fly cover that goes over the body for protection against rain and provides more insulation.   The Chinook and the Access 1 are the lighter models.  The others are heavier, but also designed for harsher conditions.  

Expect to find around 10 stakes or so with these tents, but take along your own guy-out lines if you want to stake out more than just the corners of the tent.  We suggest a pack of paracord you can custom cut based on your tent site, as well as countless other uses around camp.

We only have a limited number of these specialty tents on hand to rent, as most campers simply don't need this extra protection when they head out on a wilderness trip. But if you want to be more secure in questionable weather, these are the way to go. Place your rental order early to better ensure availability, especially in late winter/early spring.

We have lots of advice about the great outdoors including more information on tents and shelters for camping and backpacking such as how to choose the best tent and how to find and make a good camp site. Feel free to call us anytime at 480-348-8917 with any question about your camping and backpacking gear rental needs!

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