Rent Luxury Bell Canvas Tents for Glamping and Groups


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $249.00
  • 7 Days $349.00
  • 14 Days $599.00

How this works...

We've been renting your basic car-camping and backpacking tents for longer than anyone else out here on the old internet, but we're the first to admit there's nothing too exciting about them - they keep you dry and bug free, but not with much style.  I mean my little Subaru has 4 wheels and an engine and gets me to work and back, but yeah, I'd like to tool around in a Ferrari every now and then if I could.  So when a plain vanilla tent just isn't going to cut it for your next trip out into the wild (or the backyard), we got your inner Ferrari-envy covered.

This is a classic, heavy-duty canvas bell-shaped tent from Stout Tents that can be accessorized for that resort-in-the woods vibe, or keep you safe while you hunker down in some gnarly weather on a hunting trip.  Rig it up with a queen mattress and still have room for a couple of kids, or cram in 8 or 9 close friends to crash out in standard camping pads and sleeping bags -if that sounds like fun.  Or here's your compromise ticket to getting your better half out in the woods with you - you escape civilization, and he/she doesn't give up all the comforts of home.

Check the photos out below to get a good idea of what these tents look like and some ideas on how you can setup in and around it.  We don't have all the glamorous interior furnishing to rent, but you have the option to bring stuff from home - there's no limit to how nice you can make it.  The tent is fully waterproof and withstands serious snow and wind when properly setup.  There are air vents at the top to avoid condensation and there is a built in flap in the "ceiling" for a stove pipe.  

This is the cat's meow, but there are some things to consider before renting:

• You need some real estate to set these up - the tent itself is about 16' in diameter, but there are guy lines extending beyond that.  Probably will not fit in a designated camp site at campgrounds where there is a raised-pod kind of setup expecting a regular camping tent; you need some open flat space to work with.  The peak height in the middle is about 10' from the ground.

• Our regular 6-person camping tent comes in at around 18 pounds.  This bell tent's luxury and maximum protection features have some heft - at least 90 pounds - so keep a buddy nearby for help.  

• All that aside, it is pretty easy and quick to setup considering its size - maybe 20 minutes or so. 

Bring a mallet for the 20+ stakes that come with it.  Check out this video as a how-to example.

This bell tent rental comes with everything you need to set it up safely and securely, including all poles, stakes, guy lines and an instruction sheet.  Add our accessories package or create your own.  Check out all of our other rental gear to see what else you might need or to order accessories a la carte. 

Pick up the tent at our store at no extra cost, or expect a shipping cost of about $60 - $80 each way depending on your distance from us in AZ.  See exact cost during the checkout process after entering your zip code.  Due to the size and weight of the box, we only ship these to commercial locations, not residences.  If you don't have a friend/family business location available to use as a destination, this can include a nearby Fedex Office, some Walgreens, some Dollar General stores, etc.  Call ahead and we can find one closest to you.  

Need a bunch of bell tents for a wedding or festival event with on-site support and logistics staff - we can hook that up for you as well; just give us a call for details 480-348-8917.  See the video and pics below for more:

rentals of bell tents   

rental bell tent interior

interior rent canvas bell tent.jpg

rent a bell tent

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