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Cookware - Titanium Kettle

This is the best thing going for boiling water on the trail - the primary lead-up to dining on anything other than snacks or sandwiches. Whether for adding boiling water to a pre-packaged freeze-dried mix or for coffee or tea, this versatile titanium "kettle" gets the job done. Featherweight at 4.2 ounces, this large cup/small pot/mug holds 3 cups of liquid, and readily conducts heat to the water for a fast boil. This size is adequate for most trail applications - most mixes are looking for anywhere from 1-2 cups, so it's perfect for that. The standard fuel canister for the backpacking stove we carry nests inside the kettle for maximum space efficiency. The lid fits like a tight glove, and will not fall off when pouring. The kettle has two folding handles that remain fairly cool for handling.

Titanium is a fairly pricey material, so the rent reflects it. And this is not the pot to use if you plan on cooking inside of it - say scrambled eggs, cheesy things or anything else that might stick. Uncoated titanium is great for a fast water boil, but it's a bear to get the gunky stuff off of it. For that kind of cooking, use our less expensive, but heavier stainless steel cooking set options. For maximum flexibility, take along some of each; especially handy if there are several in your group.

You can normally meet the needs of two hikers with one stove and one pot; anymore than that and the waiting times start to become a problem. If you plan on car-camping and have a larger group to cook for, consider the two-burner base camp stove .

As an alternative to a second pot, take along a small plastic bowl or other container for holding any mixes and the boiling water and eat straight from the plastic container after mixing.

For more information, read one of our articles on cooking in the woods, preparation tips and eating right while on the trail. For some third-party user reviews of this and other gear we rent and sell, visit our backpacking and camping user gear review page.

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