Backpacking Stove Fuel


It's not worth the cost and hassle to ship backpacking fuel, but we do sell the fuel you'd need for the typical backpacking stoves like the MSR Pocket Rocket, Olicamp, Jet Boil and other canister-style stoves, and well as the old-school Esbit tablets.  We also have the carriers for multi-fuel stoves that use pressurized white gas, kerosene, etc.

We have the iso-pro blended fuel that comes in 4-, 8-, and 16-ounce pressurized containers.  We usually have both MSR and Olicamp branded fuels, just like we do in their respective stove lines, but don't get wrapped up in the branding - your car really isn't likely to know the difference between Shell and Exxon gas, and neither would you notice any difference in performance in your backpacking stove between the brands.  Mix and match without concern.

We also carry the Esbit tablets - set your pot on top of their very simple stove, or just light a tablet between 2 rocks and not even bother with the stove.  You won't need more than one tablet per meal, so you can take exactly how much you need with the tablets much easier than with gauging fuel needs with the canisters.  Learn more about backcountry dietary needs and cooking.

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