We've added some new online camping gear products to rent

Published : 2018-11-11 18:15:18
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We've added some new online camping gear products to rent
We started renting camping gear online and shipping nationwide back in the medieval days of the internet - back in 2002 - long before all the new young guys in flannel shirts and beards came along with what they thought was a "new idea", 10-15 years later.  I've seen lots of them come and go, but we're still here - because we're grizzled veterans of the backcountry and can walk the walk for anything we rent, try really hard to make sure every customer is happy, and, we have a broader selection of gear than any other camping rental company in the US, at retail or online.  

About that latter point - it's growing still.  Over the next few months we'll be about doubling the number of items we rent, and below are some of the first round of add-ons.  A few of these we've been renting for more than a decade, but just sorta "off-the-menu", or maybe only as part of a complete package.  Now they're specific product listings.  Others we know we won't really rent all that often, but are there when that special piece of outdoor or travel gear is needed for your next adventure.  Most on this latest list of rentals happen to be best suited for car camping, but stay tuned for an expansion in our backpacking gear rental options as well. 

Here are the latest listing add-ons for camping gear rental and/or consumable camping supplies.  As with everything else, available for rental terms from three days to one month and longer, and all with our easy ship-and-return process to your home, destination or pickup point along your route.  Anything can of course be picked up and dropped off at our store in Arizona if your travels take you this way.  In no particular order:

Cast iron skillet
Camping ax
Camping saw
Portable battery recharge pack
Camping shovel
Privacy shelter for showers
Group serving utensils and supplies
Camp dining and cutlery sets
Portable pressurized shower
Camping mallet
Portable propane heater
Camping tarps
Consumable camping supplies package

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