Rent Fishing Rod Reel and Lures Package


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $35.00
  • 7 Days $49.00
  • 14 Days $79.00

There is some good bass fishing within and just outside Phoenix, at any of the Salt or Verde River reservoirs to the Northeast, or at Lake Pleasant to the northwest.  You can even drop a line at the many community lakes inside the city limits.  

So if you are in town visiting, or if you are a local angler that wants to take a buddy out bass fishing, we've got a turnkey rod/reel/lures package you can rent - just add a fishing license!

And we have fishing kayaks for rent as well!

Our rental package includes a good quality rod and spinning reel setup, typically medium action around 7' long.  We also supply a Plano box of lures popular for fishing in our area.  Assume there's a good chance some the lures we send you out with will be lost or consumed, but the replacement cost we charge is nominal.

The tackle box in our rental package includes:
Two medium crankbaits; one shad color and one bright color when the water is more stained.
One topwater bait; shad color for when bass are busting the surface at dusk and dawn.
One jerkbait; fished slower and will suspend in the water once reeled down.
Two football jigs; fished on the bottom when bass are heavily feeding on crayfish.
Drop shot setup; assortment different colored soft plastic worms along with "mosquito" hooks and drop shot weights (good finesse technique when the bass aren't biting anything else).
Weighted jighead hooks; can be used for soft plastic worms or soft plastic craws fished along the bottom.
Soft plastic craws; can be used on a  weighted jighead hook or use these as a "trailer" for the football jigs to give the bait better action.
Line cutters to cut line.

This rental is for local pickup at our store only; it's not practical to ship.

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