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We sell new and used kayaks and accessories, but also rent several different kayak models from our store in Tempe.  This model is a high quality inflatable, perfect for those with limited transport options - this fits in any trunk or back seat and you can be on the water in minutes!  If you prefer rigid plastic kayaks, and have a safe way to transport one, check out our classic sit-in kayaks that we rent.

This item is a rental of a two person inflatable kayak from the Tahe Sport Beach Series, weighing only 30 pounds but stable enough for two paddlers - it has a 300 pound carrying capacity - a parent and child perhaps.  Or, center one seat and remove the other and it's a great solo paddler.  Perfect for our nearby lakes or kayaking down a slow-moving Lower Salt River.  

Our rentals include 2 paddles, 2 PFDs, two seats, a backpack style carrier, pump, and fins for better tracking.
The length of this kayak is 11' and at 40" wide is super stable.  The entire package will fit in the back of any car for easy transport to your favorite lake.  

Our kayak rental-term options include:
24-Hour Rate: Just like it sounds
Weekend rate: Pickup after 10am Friday and return Monday morning
Two/Three weekdays: Monday thru Thursday rentals

The base price above at the checkout link is the "24-hour" rate, and just below that the drop-down list shows the pricing of the other options. For all the fine print on watercraft rentals, see a PDF of our rental rates and policies.

This rental item is only appropriate for local pickup here to use in AZ.  You can also buy this inflatable kayak!

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