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While the sale of new and used kayaks is the biggest part of our business, we also rent the Riot Mako 12 fishing kayak from our store in Tempe.  

The Mako 12 is a breeze to get to your favorite fishing spot with its comfy chair, straight tracking, and efficient pedal drive.  It is stable enough for big dudes but really light weight.  

Length: 12' 4"
Width: 36"
Capacity: 470 lbs
Fitted Hull Weight: 71 lbs
Fully Rigged Weight: 84 lbs

You will need a truck or trailer to transport this one away from the shop. 

Our kayak rental-term options include:
24-Hour rate: Just like it sounds
Weekend rate: Pickup after 10am Friday and return Monday morning
Two weekdays: Monday thru Thursday rentals

The base price above at the checkout link is the "24-hour" rate, and just below that the drop-down list shows the pricing of the other options. Each rental includes a paddle and a life vest. We also do longer term rentals; just call and we'll handle it on the phone. There are some restrictions on availability, and you'll need a way to transport the kayak(s) and maybe a buddy to help. For all the fine print, see a PDF of our rental rates and policies.

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