RentYourTentUSA Camping Package for 4 or more (includes shipping)


Base Rental Rates

  • 7 Days $479.00
  • 14 Days $579.00
  • 21 Days $679.00
  • 1 Month $779.00

This is a ready-to-go camping package for four or more campers designed in conjunction with our partners at RentYourTentUSA.  It is perfect for visitors flying in from overseas or otherwise unable to bring a lot of gear from home. 

This package has all the pieces needed for a comfortable camping experience for four people - a roomy, weatherproof tent; warm sleeping bags; comfortable, insulated mattress pads; and a suitable selection of cooking gear and other accessories.  All rates include shipping to and from anywhere in the US Southwest region (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada and Utah); it's just a bit more to ship elsewhere in the country - call us for any additional UPS cost.   

Here's what's in the boxes we ship to you:

Tent (1):  5-person design, sized approximately 10' x 8' (305 x 244 cm) at the base and 72" (183 cm) peak height at the center.  This tent has 2 doors for easy entry and exit without disturbing tent mates.  Easy to setup in just a few minutes to sleep under the stars in the bug-proof mesh tent body, or add the waterproof fly cover for complete weather protection. Very durable and reliable structure from Alps Mountaineering or other comparable high-quality brand.  Or bump up one size for +$10. 

Sleeping bags (4):  Warm and comfortable sleeping bags from well-known US brand-names such as Kelty, Sierra Designs and others.  Unless otherwise requested, each sleeping bag will be rated in the 30 - 35' (-1 to 2 C) range, which means most adults would stay warm in temperatures as low as that range.  These bags are designed for campers up to 6' (183cm) tall; if anyone in your group is much taller, request "long" model bags for them at a nominal upgrade cost of $10 per bag for the entire rental.  You can leave us a note in the space provided at checkout.

Mattress pads (4):  Featured in this set are two of the large "Base Camp" models from the world's leader in backcountry sleeping gear - ThermaRest.  Two pads are a huge 77" (196 cm) long and 25" (64 cm) wide, with a full 2" (5 cm) of comfortable thickness to keep you insulated and protected from the cold and rough ground under the tent floor.  The other 2 pads will be the regular sized model, at 20" wide and 72" long, but we can substitute a large one for an additional $10 if another person requires it; just leave a comment.

2-burner propane stove (1):  Easy to operate, reliable flame for frying up eggs in the morning to making a delicious pasta meal in the evening.  Fueled by standard 16.4 ounce (1 liter) propane tanks available at nearly all grocery, general department, hardware and outdoor stores.

Cooking gear:  Four different sized stainless steel pots, skillet, serving utensils, can opener, etc to meet most adventurous camp-cooking needs

Dining sets (4):  One cup, plate, bowl and eating utensils for each camper, with a handy tub for easy dish washing.

You may want to add after arrival, from a Walmart or other general retailer:  food, ice, cooler, chairs, paper supplies, first aid items, wine bottle opener, lantern, rope, duct tape, matches, fuel, batteries.  For more ideas on what you might need, see

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