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Rent a Wheel Cart for Easy Transport of Hobie Kayaks

The kayaks we rent are light enough for two kayakers to grab a handle at the bow and stern and stroll down to the water's edge. How easy a "stroll" it is depends on strength, distance and which boat we're talking about. We can say that the number one accessory we sell at the store to go along with a new kayak purchase is this wheel cart, so you probably want to rent one for the same reasons. It's almost a requirement if you're running solo or getting one of the heavier models like the tandems or fishing kayaks. You can probably live without it if you can back you vehicle right up to or in to the water.

The way it works is the uprights of the wheel cart frame are inserted into the scupper holes from the bottom of the boat. This turns the clumsy-on-land kayak into an easy pull-along, like a kid's little red wagon. Or do kids still get wagons; if not, you've seen pictures. Anyway, once at the water, turn the boat on its side and remove the cart (or just lift up the boat and let it fall out) and either take it back to the car or store on the boat while you're traveling along. To do the latter, just flip the cart upside down and stick it in the same scupper holes from the top.

The wheels are foam-filled, so you never have to worry about a blowout.

Rental Plans and Rates

Our kayak rental-term options include:
Same Day: Pickup after 9am and back by 6pm
24-Hour rate: Just like it sounds
Weekend rate: Pickup after 10am Friday and return Monday morning
Two weekdays: Monday thru Thursday rentals

The base price above listed as "New" at the checkout link is the "Same-Day" rate, and just below that the drop-down list shows the pricing of the other options. We do longer term rentals if needed; just call and we'll handle it on the phone. There are some restrictions on availability. For all the fine print, see a PDF of our rental rates and policies.

We also have many other useful kayaking accessories for rent and sale, and it's lots of fun to combine kayaking with camping. There are several good lakes around Phoenix to go kayaking and camping. See our full selection of camping gear options. And if you want to save a lot of money, join our rental club!

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