Point 65 Tequila Tandem Kayak

Want the flexibility of a one- or two-person plastic kayak, but with the portability of an inflatable? Here you go . . .


One barrier to a lot of customers considering the purchase of a kayak is the logistics of where to store and how to transport one after they buy it.  Our inflatable kayaks in stock are one way to solve transportation or storage problems, but rigid plastic designs tend to perform a little better on the water.  And drilling into inflatables to customize your kayak doesn't quite work.  This is where our Point 65 line of modular kayaks really shines - no car-topping or trailers required, but with all the performance and storage room of rigid plastics.

We sell several different Point 65 models, including this sharp-looking Tequila tandem, available in this 2-paddler style or also in a single model style.  Linked together by Point 65's unique ratchet system and water-tight operator cockpits, the 2 sections of the single model or 3 pieces of this tandem design come apart and are easily stored and transported.  Each section is 4-5 feet long and any given section only weighs 25-35 pounds depending on model. Better yet?  If you buy this tandem model, the middle piece can be left out for balanced solo operation!

Key specifications of interest in tandem mode include:

Length: 13'6"
Width: 29.5"
Weight: 77#
Carrying capacity: 530#
Modular section sizes: 3 of 56-70" x 28" x 15"

It is easily controlled for effortless tracking, there is good storage room, and both riders are comfortable in very nice seats.  Available in our stores or we can ship anywhere in the Lower 48 - select your shipping zone from the drop-down above to see shipping cost impact - usually starting around $295 for a two-paddler kayak with its 3 main pieces.

If your needs are better suited for a sit-in style, check out this Point 65 Martini tandem model we have for sale.

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