Point 65 Kingfisher Tandem Fishing Kayak - Gray


Fishing kayaks are usually heavier than "regular" kayaks due to their width and thickness, and most are best transported with a pickup truck or trailer - especially tandems.  But that's not the case with kayaks from Point 65 - the Swedish-based brand that designed these modular, portable, kayaks about 10 years ago to world-wide success.  This Kingfisher model is made with 3 sections attached together in a waterproof and stable setup - performs alike a "regular" kayak on the water, but the sections are easily stored and can transported in just about any car.  Each section is 4-5 feet long and any given section only weighs 25-35 pounds depending on model.  Remove the mid section if you are out by yourself, and you have a well-balanced solo kayak.

You can paddle or pedal the Kingfisher out to your favorite fishing spot with ease - it's one of the fastest angler kayaks out there - without sacrificing stability if standing up to cast. Critical specs include:

Length: 16'
Width: 31"
Weight: 108#
Carrying capacity: 573#
Modular section sizes: 3 of 67" x 31" x 12"

Available in our stores or we can ship anywhere in the Lower 48 - select your shipping zone from the drop-down above to see shipping cost impact - usually around $250 for this two-paddler kayak with its 3 main pieces, drive s and seats.  The prices shown include two Impulse pedal drives, but those can be removed and purchased later is desired - call for details.  The models we have on hand as of late summer 2021 are gray in color.

If you want a somewhat smaller tandem in a traditional paddler style, check out our other Point 65 sit-in and sit-on-top models.

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