Point 65 Kingfisher Solo Fishing Kayak-Gray


Fishing kayaks are usually heavier than "regular" kayaks due to their width and thickness, and most are best transported with a pickup truck or trailer.  But that's not necessary with this new kayak model from Point 65 - the modular, portable, lightweight anglers dream called the Kingfisher!  Linked together by a clever ratchet setup with water-tight cockpits, the 2 sections of the solo model come apart and are easily stored and transported.  Each section is 4-5 feet long and any given section only weighs 25-35 pounds depending on model.  Add a third mid-section, with its own seat and drive, and you can have twice the fishing fun with the Kingfisher tandem.

You can paddle or pedal the Kingfisher out to your favorite fishing spot with ease - it's one of the fastest angler kayaks out there - without sacrificing stability if standing up to cast.  But this kayak's biggest advantage is that it splits into 2 easily handled sections that will fit in the back of most cars and will store in closets, under the bed, or any other convenient location out of your way.  This isn't something new and untested - Sweden-based Point 65 has made tens of thousands of their modular models over the past decade with users worldwide.

Key specifications of interest include:

Length: 11'
Width: 31"
Weight: 70#
Carrying capacity:287#
Modular section sizes:
67" x 31" x 12"

Available in our stores or we can ship anywhere in the Lower 48 - select your shipping zone from the drop-down above to see shipping cost impact - usually around $230 for a solo-paddler kayak with its 2 main pieces, drive and seat.  The prices shown include the Impulse drive, but that can be removed and purchased later is desired - call for details.  The models we have on hand for later summer 2021 are gray in color.

If you want something smaller in a traditional paddler style, check out our Point 65 sit-in and sit-on-top models.

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