Oboz Hiking Shoes


Many years ago I bought a pair of Oboz over at our buddies at THAT big-box store and liked them so well I started carrying them Day One when we expanded our retail store.  We have other brands on hand, but Oboz remain our favorite, even after changing the design of my personal preference (shoe brands always do that, so if you have a favorite model, buy up several pair to have on hand before they drop it).

We're pretty in to the importance of a personalized fit by someone who knows what they are doing - like us - so we don't sell shoes online here unless it's a repeat buy and you already know how a particular model and size fits and feels.  Otherwise stop by the store and we'll whip out the ol' Brannock Device for a foot sizing checkup and get into a discussion of your fitting needs.

We carry Oboz men's and women's models and sizes, including:

• Sawtooth Mid
• Sawtooth Low 
• Bridger Mid
• Sypes Mid

We even have a few sizes left in their old Yellowstone line - the one they discontinued on me!  Oboz are long-lasting and comfortable, but at a lower price than many comparable competitors - typically from about $115 to $170.

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