Rent a Backpacking Package for 1 Person

All the basic essentials for one backpacker, or fine-tune your order by category, a la carte. See full product details below.


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $169.00
  • 7 Days $219.00
  • 14 Days $279.00

This is a ready-to-go camping rental package for one backpacker headed out to the backcountry.  If you have access to some gear already and don't need everything below, then you may want rent from our site a la carte - browse all of our gear by rental category from the menu options at the top of this web page.  You should also order item-by-item if you wish to fine tune the makeup of your gear, as a preset package does only represent what a "lot of people" could use, but maybe not you.  It may be easier to work with a package approach, however, as all you have to do is do a little shopping for food, some incidentals and you're ready to head out for a great wilderness adventure.  But like tonight's special at your favorite restaurant, "no substitutions please" (other than the sleeping bags - see below).

If you are headed to Havasu Falls, this package will certainly work, but we also offer custom curated packages for that typical trip, with different rental terms, rates and package contents.

This rental package has most of the pieces needed for a comfortable backpacking experience for a solo or self-sustained trekker in a group:  shelter, sleeping gear, cooking gear, hydration system, lighting, and pack and poles to carry it all. The entire set below will typically weigh in at less than 15 pounds.

Here's what's in the box(es) we ship to you:

Backpack:  A medium capacity pack in the 60-65 liter capacity range, typically from Osprey or Deuter.  All have adjustable torsos so our packs  fit just about anyone comfortably.  See more details about the packs we rent.  We also include a set of often under-appreciated hiking poles - your hand rails in the wilderness.

Shelter / Tent: 1-person lightweight backpacking design tent, typically from Big Sky International or comparable innovative brand.  It will be one normally on-hand from our one-man tent rental options.  Add rain gear and clothing options appropriate to the expected weather.

Sleeping gear: A comfortable and lightweight sleeping bag rated in the 30 - 35' range, which means most adults would stay warm in temperatures as low as that range.  Also incuded is a backpacking. mummy style mattress pad approximately 20" wide by 72" long.  This set will be lightweight and compact down well for carrying in your pack.  See specifics for each under our sleeping gear rental category.  Bring something to use as a small lightweight pillow.

Cooking gear:  A canister-style stove and a super light titanium kettle for suitable for boiling water for freeze-dried meals, soups and coffee.  See these specifics under our cooking gear rental category.  We have food options on our site you can add to your cart, but you'll need to pick up fuel locally.

Hydration system:  Pump-style water filter and a 3-liter water bladder.  See details on these items under our hydration rental category.  Consider a small extra water bottle for dry stretches requiring more volume and for flexibility for powder mix flavorings and electrolytes.

Lighting:  The easiest and lightest option for lighting in the backcountry is the old reliable headlight.  Perfect for last minute scurrying around camp before retiring; tent reading; and the inevitable nature call in the middle of the night.  Just not so good for staring in the eye of your backpacking mates.  See more details on our rental lights.

The above will more than get you started, but you will need to fill in items from home to keep yourself as comfortable and safe as possible. consider adding to your pack any or all of: paracord, duct tape, knife or multi-tool, enough, but not many apparel layers, the right food mix, maps, insurance card and some cash - just in case. Just don't overpack!  For more ideas on what you might need and how to best prepare for a trip, we have a number of articles under our "Learn" menu tab above, including our go-to list of gear options. Specific items we rent or sell you may want to consider add to your cart to customize your backpacking kit include these extra options:

Steel mesh food bag - great for desert camping to keep critters and birds from stealing your food stash
Bear Canisters - use to protect your food in alpine area where the critters are, let's say, a bit more serious
Backpacker Trowel - bears do it in the woods, and so will you
Camp Suds - stay a little cleaner for your health and for your tent mate
First Aid Kit - Don't let a little cut fester into a major problem'
Backpacking chair - a bit of luxury for little extra weight
Battery Power Pack - if you refuse to disconnect
Carabiners - for attaching all those things you don't want to lose
Paracord - underrated handy rope with a hundred uses
Dehydrated meals - wide selection of lightweight meals in a pouch

For more on renting a full set of gear for your next backpacking trip, see this video:

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