Riot Bayside Sit-In Kayak



This Bayside model from Riot Kayaks has the largest cockpit opening we've seen in kayaks this size.  There are many advantages to a sit-in, but some customers lean toward a sit-on-top for the extra room.  You don't have to worry about that with this sit in - even really large paddlers can fit inside this one with ease.

An integrated drop-down skeg helps keep this kayak straight in the water as you paddle, and it features Riot's most comfortable sit-in seat, with two sealed bulkheads, and safety re-entry braces.  This is a great choice for beginners looking for safety, and larger paddlers looking for the best performance option for their size.

Available in several different colors - call us to see which versions we have on hand.  Price shown assumes pickup at our store in Arizona, but we can ship these via freight carrier nationwide for as little as $200 - call us for details and a custom quote or see how we ship kayaks for more information. 

Here are the critical specs

Length:  12'
Width: 28"
Weight:  53#
Capacity:  375#

If you'd like more information on this model, just give us a call at 480-348-8917, or for a little more research on your side, check out our handy which-kayak-for-me decision tree for more kayak selection guidance.  

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