Riot Mako 8.5 Air Pedal Kayak


The Mako 8.5 Air from Riot Kayaks is compact & lightweight, making it a breeze to store and transport. Its catamaran design makes it extremely stable and provides excellent tracking. Inflating the 3 air chambers with the provided pump is quick, easy, and will have you on the water within minutes for your day of fishing or relaxing. The best part is the Mako 8.5 Air is the most affordable pedal drive inflatable on the market. 

Length: 8.5' (274 cm)
Width: 36" (109 cm)
Weight: 16.8 kg (37 lbs) & fully rigged 26.3 kg (58 lbs)
Impulse Drive Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Max Displacement: 240.1 kg (450 lbs)

  • Drytech
  • Impulse Drive
  • High comfort movable seat
  • Pilot rudder system with hand steering
  • D-Rings on deck for accessories
  • Packs down to fit easily in trunk of car
  • Pump

From our own testing on the water, we find that its rectangular shape offers a lot of stability, but it's not very hard to paddle.  It is quicker than expected using the pedal drive, but not as fast as a more torpedo-shaped kayak would be.  Heavier than average riders may find the front end rising a bit, but that can be offset by simply putting some of your gear load up front.  The drive is quiet in the water, and the splash shield will keep spray from the prop away from the rider.  

See our walk-through and on-the-water testing comments in this video:

We ship this kayak twithin the Lower 48 via Fedex carrier.  For this model, the shipping cost shown at checkout assumes shipping to a nearby Fedex or Fedex partner location for pickup - there are usually many nearby options.  Delivery direct to your home is doable, but more expensive and much less reliable.  Call to discuss these options as needed.

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