Hobie iTrek 9 Ultralight


Hobies iTrek 9 Ultralight was specifically designed for people short on space but who dream of spending their time kayaking, fishing or just cruising around.  Great for the RV or apartment lifestyle, or for those without a truck to lug the big kayaks around.  Easy to use as an inflatable paddleboard too!

Crew: 1
Length: 9'5"
Width: 40"
Capacity: 350
Fitted Hull Weight: 20 lbs
Fully Rigged Weight: 37 lbs 
Bag Dimensions: 28"x25"x16"

Includes pump, patch kit and SUP-style paddle, and we can manually add any accessories like PFD, riggings, etc you may want.  

We have most models to check out on our showroom floor, so stop on by at your convenience to see for yourself the many advantages that Hobie has to offer! We also have a full range of kayak and kayak fishing accessories on hand. For more details, call us at 480-348-8917, or learn more about all Hobie inflatables.

We ship kayaks nationwide via LTL or Fedex carrier.  For this model, the shipping cost starts at $245 to many locations in the Lower 48.  Select your state from the dropdown list above to see the shipping cost to a nearby Fedex or Fedex partner location for pickup - there are usually many nearby options.  Delivery direct to your home is doable, but more expensive and much less reliable.  Call to discuss these options as needed.
Crew Capacity 1
Propulsion Style Pedal/Sail
Hull Structure Inflatable
Length Range 9 - 11'
Length Actual 9

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