Rent Camping Mattress Pads

3 styles you can rent, from lightweight backpacking to thicker car-camping models. See full product details below.


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $16.00
  • 7 Days $22.00
  • 14 Days $28.00
  • 21 Days $35.00
  • 1 Month $39.00

How this works...

I know you see the guys on Westerns throw down a saddle and a blanket and blissfully doze off. Don't buy that myth. If you try to save a few bucks off your rental and plan to just sleep directly on the tent floor, you'll be in for one miserable night. The mattress pads we rent are just the solution to keep the bumps out of your back and the chills off your spine.

When considering whether to rent mattress pad or to rough it, it's not just the comfort, but the insulation factor. Don't believe it? Slide a little bit off the mat some chilly night and the cold ground will wake you up faster than a 65-year-old bladder. Generally, the thicker the mattress, the warmer you'll be.

These are insulated, self-inflating mattresses. Just open up a valve, go away, and a few minutes later it's (almost) ready to hop on to (close the valve first). You will definitely want to add a bit more air pressure by blowing into it to get the desired level of firmness, but there's no major effort required. To deflate, open the valve back up, "squish" out the air by rolling it up, close the valve, repeat once more, and insert the pad back into the stuff sack - takes only a few minutes. See pictures and more instructions on our rental mattress pads.  

The pads we rent in this series are our most popular workhorses for a good night's sleep. See the drop down selector - the ones we describe as "For Backpacking" are a few ounces lighter and about 1/2" thinner than the "For Car-Camping" models. Even the car-camping ones are pretty light at about 2.5 pounds, and both compact down to fit in your pack or are easily attached on the outside. The "large" models are thicker, longer and wider, and the most insulated for colder-weather camping, but would be a bit bulky for backpacking.

When inflated, the regular pads are 20 inches wide and 6' long, so they're big enough for most of us. They offer enough thickness to keep that tree root from irritating you all night, but shouldn't wear you out during the day from lugging it around. If weight and space are no issue, the larger ones (select with the dropdown box) are 5" longer and wider and a bit thicker still.  The thickness and size of each style are in proportion to their bulk and weight, so everything is a tradeoff. If you're the type that can sleep thru anything, and a light weight is important, go with the thinner and lighter mattress options.

The mattress pads we rent have earned many awards over the years, and are proven must-haves by campers and backpackers.  The pictures shown are represenatative but the actual models provided vary with availability.

See our Advice Pages, including more info on sleeping pads, sleeping bags and general info on getting a good night's snooze in the woods or just give us a call.

For some third-party user reviews of this and other gear we rent and sell, visit our backpacking and camping user gear review page.

Note - this item has a high volume-to-weight ratio - that is, it may be light, but it eats up a lot of box space. Shipments including this item often require a bigger box and is subject to a rate surcharge by UPS, so the effective shipping weight calculated at checkout is higher than the actual weight. 

For more information see video below:

Weight 1.5 to 3.5
Temperature Range Multi-Use

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