Rental kayaks back in the house!

Published : 2021-08-03 22:11:42
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Rental kayaks back in the house!
Over the past year, if a kayak wasn't nailed to a wall as a decoration, we sold it.  New boats were really hard to come by, so anything and everything we had on hand as used, demo and rental was sold to be able to get kayaks to buying customers. Shortages and delays in the industry are still a problem, but we are now finally able to set at least a few aside for our kayak rental customers.  The exact models change all the time, but here's some of what is on hand at the moment.

Solo, sit-in style - roto-molded plastic single paddler, sit-in kayaks in the 9.5 - 10' range.  Very light weight to carry at about 35 pounds, and don't take up much room in the back of a truck, SUV or cartop (if you have cross bars installed).  Recommended for paddlers up to 250 pounds.  Good kayak for most flows on the Salt River or any area lake.  See more about our sit-in kayak rental.

Solo/tandem inflatable - If you don't have a good way to transport a plastic kayak, consider one of our inflatables.  These are very light and compact and fit in any vehicle - just pump up at the water and start paddling.  typical inflatable has two seats as a tandem, but one seat can be removed and the other centered if you want to go out solo.  Note - these are great for a parent/child or two not-too-big adults, but 2 big dudes won't be a good match for this kayak rental. Suitable for slow moving currents or nearby lakes. See more about our inflatable kayak we are renting.

Fishing kayak - Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports on the water, so here's a great way to "test the waters" by renting before making a big purchase.  This one is a pedal-drive kayak rental, so even if no interest in fishing, you can check out how pedaling is so much easier than paddling.  This is also a great option for big guys - with a 470# carrying capacity, it offers all the stability you need.  See more about the fishing kayaks we rent in the Phoenix area.

SUP - We also rent our inflatable SUP boards from our store in Tempe.  Take to any nearby lake for the day or for a camping weekend up on the Rim.  Suitable for paddlers up to 200 pounds, this tiny, lightweight SUP rental package includes everything you need and is super-easy to transport.  See more about our Tempe paddle board rentals.

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