Replacement Propeller for Riot Mako or Lost Creek Pedal Drive (includes shipping)


It happens - you're out there on the water and hear/feel a kerplunk and now no matter how fast you pedal, you aren't going anywhere.  Pulling the drive out of the kayak, it's pretty obvious what's wrong - the prop is broken.

The good news it's hard to break one, but it can happen, and unfortunately there's never a good place or time to break a prop.  So this is what you need to have a spare, or to replace one already broken.  This prop fits the pedal drive that comes with the Riot Mako, Azul Triton, Lost Creek, Cascade Pro Pedal and other branded versions in that "Impulse Drive" family.  It might fit other brands as well, but we couldn't guarantee it.

Our price includes shipping via Ground to the lower 48.  Contact us for other shipping options.

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