Rent Crash Pads (Local pickup only)


Base Rental Rates

When you are climbing outside away from the gym but want to have similar protections against accidents, stop by our store to pickup these high quality crash pads from Asana.  The ones we rent the most are the "Sidekick" models - approximately 48" x 36" x 4" at a efficient weight of just 11 pounds.  Each pad folds up and features a shoulder harness and hip belt for easy transport from your car to your next challenge!

If you're visiting the desert, we're just a few minutes down the freeway from the airport and popular hotels in Tempe and Phoenix.  We also have climbing ropes, harnesses, chalk, carabiners and shoes for sale in our store if you need any extras or accessories.

Due to the weight and size, these are not practical for shipping, so only available for rent with local pickup.  Base price is for a 24-hour period, or use drop-down to see the upcharge for longer periods up to 5 days.  We can fulfill longer rentals if needed.

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