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3 Days $11.00
7 Days $13.00
14 Days $15.00
21 Days $18.00
1 Month $22.00
(Call for longer rentals)


Stove - Propane Base/Family Camp Stove

Light - Head-Band Style


Lanterns - for car camping/backpacking

We have some basic, but effective battery operated lanterns that are best for car camping. These are great for what they are, but we want you to know that they will not cast as bright a glow as a propane-fueled big lantern some campers use. Those gas fuel ones are too fragile and impractical for renting. The glow on these is good enough to light up the picnic table at night; make your way to the bathroom after dark; or to curl up and read by.

As a supplement or alternative to these lanterns, also consider a hands-free flashlight style - the LED headlamp. Headlamps are much better than flashlights, but not too conducive to chatting around camp - such lights perched on top of your head shine bright into the eyes of the person you?re trying to talk to. Also, a lantern is particularly helpful if you'll be in a fire-restricted area that precludes building a campfire.

We ship the lights with working batteries, but we have no way of testing/knowing whether they have hardly been used or are just getting ready to die. So, always carry backups - most of the lanterns use AA batteries. And be sure to cushion the lanterns well when you send them back so they don't shatter enroute.

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