Sportsman 136 Autopilot Fishing Kayak


While a pedal-drive kayak (using your legs instead of your arms for propulsion) was a big improvement over using a paddle, motorized propulsion on  a kayak might be better still.  Especially on a fishing kayak, where the focus needs to be on casting and reeling 'em in, not on wearing yourself out getting to your favorite fishing spot.

We're an Old Town dealer, and from their fishing kayak line we really like their motorized ones like this Sportsman Autopilot 136 - super stable with lots of room, but easy to cut through the water with its integrated 45# thrust Minn Kota electric motor.  And holding your position is no trouble at all with the featured GPS lock function - use the included remote control for speed, direction and spot locking.

This kayak is a beast, designed to haul lots of gear even if you are a big boy yourself.  You'll want a pickup bed or trailer to haul it around as this one would be awkward to car-top at about 128 pounds empty.  Pick up a 12V marine battery -we have lithiums available - of your choice for a full weekend of fishing without a recharge.

Find this in stock at our store or we can ship it anywhere in the Lower 48 via LTL carrier to a nearby terminal for your pickup.  Two colors to choose from as shown in the product pics - Photic Camo (aqua blue and black blend) or Ember Camo (burnt orange/black blend).  For this Old Town model, the shipping cost starts at $275 to many locations in the Lower 48.  Select your state from the dropdown list above to see the cost to your area.

Material Single Layer Polyethylene
Total Weight Capacity-The total weight a boat can support on the water including everything – the Assembled Boat, People, Gear, Dog, Motor/Pedal Console (when applicable) and 75 lb. Lead-acid Battery (when required). 660 lb | 299.38 kg
Usable Weight Capacity-The weight that is left for People, Gear, and Dog after accounting for the weight of the Assembled Boat and 75 lb. Lead-acid Battery (when required). 427 lb | 193.69 kg
Assembled Boat Weight-The boat’s weight including everything Old Town supplies with the boat - Hull, Hardware, Seat, Accessories and Motor/Pedal console (when applicable). 158 lb | 71.6688 kg
Motor Console Weight 24 lb | 10.89 kg
Removable Seat Weight 6 lb | 2.72 kg
Length 13 ft 6 in | 4.1 m
Width 37 in | 94 cm
Hatch None
Rudder Included
Rod Holders Included
Accessory Tracks Included

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