Hurley Inflatable SUP 10'6" Advantage




Reduced price!

Hurley has been a well-known California lifestyle brand for more than 20 years and has applied that experience to their latest line of inflatable paddle boards.  This is the Advantage 10'6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with a dry-bag Backpack, Pump, Adjustable Paddle, Coiled Leash, Fin & Repair Kit.  Great graphic design choices across all their boards, including this bright pattern "Outsider".  

Length: 10'6"
Width: 30"
Hull Wt: 29#
Carrying Capacity: 280#

Includes Backpack, pump, leash 3 fins, paddle

Comes in one easily shipped (or easy to wrap for a gift) box with all the accessories you need to get started.  Suitable for lakes, rivers, canals and choppier seas - pump it up to between the recommended 15-17 psi and you have a rigid board rivaling anything hard shell.  Very durable construction materials. Rated capacity is 280 pounds, so we recommend it for paddlers at 230 pounds or less for best performance.  

At 10' 6", an almost ideal sized SUP that is long enough to travel well in the water, but not so heavy or bulky to deal with.  

This Advantage model is also available to purchase as a slightly smaller 10-footer - a little more compact and lighter - perfect for smaller paddlers that don't need the full carrying capacity of this one.  

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