How to shop for a great pair of hiking shoes

Published : 2018-10-03 21:51:17
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How to shop for a great pair of hiking shoes
A lot of folks can't seem to find a comfortable pair of hiking shoes, and needlessly suffer on the trail or just stay home.  We've solved that problem for many hundreds of customers, not because we have endless shoe choices, but because we actually match the customer's real foot size, intended use, age, weight and budget to the right shoe.  The most common comment we hear at the store from customers trying on shoes is "No one ever told me that before." Doesn't mean they always buy from us, but they do always leave better informed than when they came in.

After we walk you through our shoes we will jump into socks and inserts for the shoes and break that down for you as well. We have a nice selection of Darn Tough Socks and also Spenco Hiking Shoe Inserts that will not let you down.

That's the difference between being waited on by a high school kid at a big box store and me - the owner of the store.  I used to have a lot of shoe problems myself until I figured it out after a few thousand miles of trial and error, and if you're on the north side of some gray hairs, I can probably better relate to what you're going through with your knees and feet.  So you can come into the store and get the education, or better yet, sit through this video below - it's longer than most we do - for a good Shoe 101 lesson that will set you on the right path wherever your hiking shoe shopping travels take you.

e have a nice selection of Darn Tough

Some things you can learn in this video -

• Pros and cons between low-cut and mid hiking boots
• Things to look for in shoe construction
• Waterproof or not?
• Why toe length is a critical measurement
• The secret about shoe inserts
• The importance of a good pair of socks

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