Check out our selection of winter gear for rent!

Published : 2019-12-20 18:43:41
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Check out our selection of winter gear for rent!
We know most campers like to go out in the warmer months, but there are some nice benefits to getting out there in the cooler months - the crowds are a fraction of the size in the summer; it's more serene, and the bugs are all gone.

Hiking and other daytime activities are usually just fine - while the sun is out, hiking and other activities are easier to handle than in the heat, as long as you make sure you have the right apparel you can layer up and down with as needed.  We'll leave the clothing decisions to you, but we have the things to rent that will keep you safe on the trails and warm at night.  See most of our cold-weather related rental gear in the category we creatively call "Rent Winter Camping Gear" - here's some of the items you'll find:

Four-season tents aren't much warmer than a regular tent, but they are built better for high winds and a chance of snow.

Stay warm in the sleeping bags we suggest when it's really darn cold - it's a big boy, but its rated down to -20' F night-time temps.

If you're wanting to hike on icy trails, like on the Grand Canyon rim trails and up in the Sierras, check out our selection of boot cleats, spikes and crampons.  If you want to trek around on fresh snow, we have great, lightweight snowshoes that will fit on any regular boots or shoes. 

If you're into some real gnarly trail conditions, or just want to look really cool, carry around one of our ice axes.

Don't feel like roughing it too much, keep warm with a portable propane heater.

There's more of course, and many items are as perfectly suitable in the winter as they are in the middle of summer.  See all of our rental gear and accessories on one page to make sure you are well equipped for any adventure.  Or just give us call - we're glad to help!

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