Safety Gear

3 Days $4.00
7 Days $5.00
14 Days $7.00
21 Days $8.00
1 Month $10.00
(Call for longer rentals)


Trekking Poles (Set of 2)

Spikes and Crampons for Icy Trails

Rent the Crescent Moon Foam Snowshoe


Ice Walker Hook-on Cleats for ice and snow hiking

Ever feel like a schmuck when you fall on ice and bruise your butt? Can be both embarrassing and dangerous. Don't let a little ice keep you off the trails this winter; just strap these on to your boots and you'll think you're Sir Edmund traipsing up Everest. A good 4-ounce addition to your pack to make your way through those icy patches that pop up on the north-side trails. Easy on - easy off strap.

Cheap protection against a sore tush, and helps you make it safely down icy trails. Not as robust as our Microspikes or a full-blown crampon, but surprisingly effective. Only gets expensive if you forget to remove them before going into your tent . . . . .

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