Ever wish you had some friends that liked to kayak as much as you do? Interested in fishing from your kayak but not sure of the best techniques to follow? Want to check out or test drive some new kayak models? Our Paddle n' Cast City Nights series might be just for you - paddle, cast or demo!

WHERE/WHEN - We'll be close by paddling and casting at local urban lakes every few weeks in Phoenix, Payson and Tucson as examples, for a quick after-work therapy session on the water - better than Happy Hour! And best of all, there are no fees from any organizer or group - this is just a group of folks getting together at some loosely agreed time and place. Check the events tab on our Facebook page for the latest scheduled fun time and location! (Be sure to RSVP if directed; some waters have space limitations.)

kayak demo location    kayak testing

PADDLE - we're serving as an excuse to get out with some like-minded kayakers, which is always more fun than a solo trip. Meet some new folks that might be willing to take that trip with you up to Lake Powell or wherever, or find somebody you can meet later on at your favorite fishing spot and swap lies with.

CAST - Kayak fishing is a fast-growing sport nationwide, even to the point there are a lot of tournaments for kayak anglers only. Certainly not every kayaker has yet learned the basics of kayak angling, or doesn't feel prepared to jump into a local tourney. We're here to help! At each fun adventure, there will be at least one or two local kayak fishing pros to give tips and suggestions - whether you're wanting to know how to put bait on a hook, or looking to fine tune your skills to be more productive on the water. We can even get you set up with some gear if you don't have your own, but you will need a fishing license before you come out. Below is one of our pros that will be available (Brian Soefje) but there are several others available to volunteer to help you out!

kayak  guides

DEMOS - If you've been to our store looking at kayaks, and wanted to take one for a test drive before pulling the trigger on a purchase, City Nights are a good time to check them out and take one for a spin. You can also see how others have their personal kayaks rigged to get some ideas on how to customize yours. Check out our Hobie and Riot Kayaks models, and usually other kayakers might let you take their kayak out for a quick spin when they're on a break or done for the evening.  If your travels take you to Lake Havasu, we have another location (known as Southwest Outfitters) near the London Bridge, where you can easily rent or demo models of your choice.

RULES - These adventures aren't some officially sanctioned or sponsored event, so there are no rules and regs other than common sense and whatever the public facility we are are using requires. Generally, those include:

If fishing, must have a license
Must have a life vest on board your kayak
Must have a white light if out after dark
Must be off the water by the designated time (sunset at some locations)
We can't overload a public waterway, so be courteous and not show up if an event is marked as "full"
Be nice; be smart!

Any questions - check our Facebook page or give us a call at 480-348-8917. See you on the water!