Rental Family Camping Package for Two

All the basics for two family-style campers traveling together, or fine-tune your order by category, a la carte. See full product details below.


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $189.00
  • 7 Days $249.00
  • 14 Days $299.00
  • 21 Days $379.00

This is a ready-to-go, easy-to-rent camping package for two headed out to the backcountry, developed campground or other favorite getaway spot where gear weight and size just don't matter since you are traveling by vehicle, not by backpack.  If you have access to some gear already and don't need everything below, then you should rent gear from our site a la carte - browse all of our gear by rental category from the menu options at the top of this web page.  You should also rent item-by-item if you wish to fine tune the makeup of your gear, as a preset package does only represent what a "lot of people" could use, but maybe not you.  It may be easier to work with a package approach, however, as all you have to do is do a little shopping for food, some incidentals and you're ready to head out for a great wilderness adventure.  But like tonight's special at your favorite restaurant, "no substitutions please".

This car-camping rental package has most of the pieces needed for a comfortable camping experience for two people - a roomy, weatherproof tent; warm sleeping bags; comfortable, insulated mattress pads; and a suitable selection of cooking gear and other accessories.  

 Here's what's in the boxes we ship to you or can be picked up at our store:

Tent:  3-person design, sized approximately 6.5' x 7.5' at the base and 52"peak height at the center.  This tent has 2 doors for easy entry and exit without disturbing tent mates.  Easy to setup in just a few minutes to sleep under the stars in the bug-proof mesh tent body, or add the waterproof fly cover for complete weather protection. See more details about this tent.

Sleeping gear:  Two warm and comfortable sleeping bags from well-known US brand-names.  Each sleeping bag will be rated in the 30 - 35' range, which means most adults would stay warm in temperatures as low as that range.  Plus 2 regular- sized mattress pads (20" x 72") for insulation and cushioning underneath.  If you need a warmer sleeping bag for your destination, add a note in the 'comments' box at checkout and will replace the bags with one in the 20-25' range - the added cost will be $5 per bag which we'll adjust for manually.  See specifics for each under our sleeping gear category.  Bring  a pillow from home.

2-burner propane stove:  Easy to operate, reliable flame for frying up eggs in the morning to making a delicious pasta meal in the evening.  Fueled by standard 16.4 ounce (1 liter) propane tanks available at nearly all grocery, general department, hardware and outdoor stores.  Learn more about our rental stoves.

Cooking gear:  Two stainless steel pots, cast-iron skillet, serving utensils, and a can opener to meet most camp-cooking needs

Dining sets (2):  A cup, plate, bowl and eating utensils for each camper, with a handy tub for easy dish washing.

Lighting:  Small but handy battery-powered lantern.  See more about our rental lanterns and be sure to bring some extra AAs.

You may want to bring some of these items from home, or pickup from a Walmart or other general retailer:  food, ice, cooler, chairs, paper supplies, foil, first aid items, wine bottle opener,  rope, duct tape, matches, fuel, batteries.  For more ideas on what you might need and how to best prepare for a trip, we have a number of articles under our "Learn" menu tab above, including our go-to list of gear options, or select from the list below.

Mallet:  Handy for tent pegs and snoring tent mates.
Cooler:  Too big to ship, but a great cooler for extended days out without an available ice resupply. See full product details below.
Camping Chair:  Too big to ship easily, but convenient to pick up/drop off at our store. See full product details below.
Tarps:  Put underneath the tent for more water protection, or above it for rain and sun shelter.
Portable Heater:  Takes the discomfort edge off of a chilly night.
Portable Fan:  While some camping can be a bit chilly, on a hot summer night a bit of a breeze can feel pretty darn good, and the white noise of a fan can make it easier to doze off. 
Privacy Shelter:  Make a shower stall or a loo in the backwoods.
Portable Shower:  Take a home luxury to the campground with you. Feel better. Smell better. See full product details below.
Portable Shovel:  Handy camping tool to rent - lots of uses.
Camping Saw:  Easy way to handle firewood or clearing spaces if needed.
Camp Axe:  Bring a flannel shirt and split some wood.

See the video below for more info on our car-camping gear rentals:

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