ULA Packs - we got 'em at the store!

Published : 2019-06-24 08:54:27
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ULA Packs - we got 'em at the store!
I first used a ULA pack for several hundred miles in the Sierras some years ago, and we've been selling them at our retail store in Tempe ever since.  You won't find this type of boutique quality pack at REI or other big-box store; in fact, there's only a few retailers nationwide that stock them.  The brand has been around for more than 15 years, mostly selling online, but our advantage is we can really help you fine tune the right model and size for your body and gear load.  

The Circuit model is my go-to bag, but we usually also have in stock the Catalyst, Ohm, CDT and Camino models in various sizes and colors.  Once we have you fitted up, we can get in whatever combination you want if it's not on hand. These aren't the packs for heavy loads, but if you can keep your total pack weight down in the 20-35 pound range, there's a model perfect for you and a comfortable fit.  And everything is made up the hill in Utah, not overseas.

Come on in and see for yourself why ULA is one of the most popular packs on the PCT and other long trails.We have several models, sizes, and colors available.

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The Circuit and Catalyst are the most popular models - enough volume for long trips but light enough for quick over-nighters or even day hikes where you need a lot of water or winter gear.

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One overlooked model is the Camino - great for overseas trips.  It can be carried on most airlines, has a lot of volume, while remaining light weight

ULA pack for airline travel or wilderness

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