How to eat well in the wilderness

Published : 2018-09-30 15:46:29
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How to eat well in the wilderness
While some may eat mindlessly to no benefit while glued to the couch, overeating on the trail on a rigorous backpacking trip is hard to do.  But the proper variety and quantity of food for the trail is a critical part of any good preparation for a trip into the backcountry.  How you prepare for food consumption on a wilderness adventure is as important as your selection of our rental sleeping gear, shelter and packs.  Pack too little, and you might starting bonking out before your trip is done; pack too much and at the end of trip you'll find you carried dead weight for 50 miles for no good reason at all.  

We offer some good pointers on planning your food consumption on a trip and we'd be glad to elaborate further when you stop by the store or give us a call.  A very common form of food energy are freeze-dried meals from Mountain House, Backpackers' Pantry and other brands.  We carry a good selection of the pre-packaged and lightweight meals at our retail store and here online, so we make it easy to mix some of these into your overall selection.  Augment with a trip to the bulk section of your grocery store if you're backpacking, and of course if you are car-camping, the options are just about unlimited with a great portable stove and a high quality cooler, or, just maybe you can get this guy to tag along:

Find you a cowboy cook to go with our camping gear rental

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