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This is our catch-all listing of the rental gear we carry. Browse by category to see the individual listings under each one, or use the search box above to narrow your product lists.  You can see every camping and travel item we rent and sell on one page if you prefer  (it might take a bit to fully load). Click on any product for more information and to add to your cart.  We also have supplies and accessories for any kind of rental - see that category below, or find an even wider selection under the "Buy New" tab above.  Shop for food, fuel and any other accessory right from the shelf at our retail store when picking up the gear in person....
This is our catch-all listing of the rental gear we carry. Browse by category to see the individual listings under each one, or use the search box above to narrow your product lists.  You can see every camping and travel item we rent and sell on one page if you prefer  (it might take a bit to fully load). Click on any product for more information and to add to your cart.  We also have supplies and accessories for any kind of rental - see that category below, or find an even wider selection under the "Buy New" tab above.  Shop for food, fuel and any other accessory right from the shelf at our retail store when picking up the gear in person.
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    For anyone not wanting to scroll through categories, this is out catch-all listing of every camping and travel-related gear item available for rent or sale on our site.  You'll be surprised at the number of items we have to offer, and here they all are on one page!

    If the product listings below are in a bit too random order for you, check out our master page of categories instead.
  • Camping & Backpacking Packages
    When you want to get everything you need for your next backpacking or camping trip in one easy step, try one of our preset product packages we've compiled under the sub-categories below - one is car-camping focused, and the other features backpacking packages.  Everything in these packages is available a la carte as well, so if you need less, or more of, what's listed under each product description, you can find the individual pieces in other categories.  The prices should work out to be about the same. 

    Give us a call if you need assistance in selecting the right gear for your next big adventure, or learn more at any time by reviewing our outdoor advice pages.
  • Backpacking and Camping Tents

    We rent general camping and backpacking tents via nationwide shipping or local pickup at our retail store.  Big tents for families. Little tents for the weight-conscious ounce-counter. In-between tents for the rest of us. We've got them all, but not so many as to get you confused with too many choices.

    We bounce around a bit in the tents brands we rent, but in recent years have stuck with a few select, high quality tents by Alps Mountaineering for car-camping styles, and Big Sky International for backpacking tents. Our big canvas bell tents are from Stout Tents.  All tents are shipped to you clean, with no smells, tears or holes, and are easy to setup. All tents are already seam-sealed, so if it rains, you will stay dry. These tents are much better quality than the cheapies you find a sporting goods store and at most rental outlets. Here's what to look for:

    • The listed capacity for a given tent means there is enough room in the tent for that many adults, typically sleeping on a standard size mattress pad, and yes, we rent mattress pads  
    • But don't expect lots of extra room if you're at the rated capacity, especially in the backpacking lines - a 3-person backpacking tent is more realistically sized for 2.5 persons.
    • Going out by yourself or in a group where everyone is packing their own tent? Check out our one- and two-person backpacking tents.
    • Have a partner you want to (or at least are willing to) share a tent with? Try the two- or two+ person backpacking tents if you are headed down the trail, or otherwise any of the car-camping tents if weight and size are no issue. If the latter, we suggest getting the biggest tent your budget allows; there's no point being cramped.
    • Most of the backpacking tents are free-standing - that is, they do not require staking - but some do. Free-standing ones are sometimes more convenient and easy to setup and move around, but are usually heavier for their size and may cost a bit more. The descriptions under each item will specify.
    • Taking the family gang out to the great outdoors for a weekend camping adventure? Take a look at our 4 - 6 person free-standing tents to see which one best meets your needs. Suggestion - for more comfort, rent the tent rated at least one-person capacity greater than your planned number of campers - so if for example there are 4 adults going camping, rent at least a 5-person tent so you'll have some extra elbow room for you and your gear. Learn more about tent size.
    • If you're headed out into potentially gnarly weather - high winds, lots of rain, or several inches of snow is a possibility - rent our four-season tent. It's more expensive than our standard "3-season" tents, but it's pretty darn bomb-proof.

    Read thru each product description to learn more about our offerings. We have lots of advice about the great outdoors including more information on tents and shelters for camping and backpacking such as how to choose the best tent and how to find and make a good camp site. Feel free to call us anytime at 480-348-8917 with any question about your camping and backpacking gear rental needs!

  • Backpacks

    We rent backpacks via nationwide shipping or local pickup at our retail store.  We have a wide variety of packs for any type of trip - ultralight trekking in the backcountry, two-month adventure across Europe; packing the baby around on a day hike; or for tackling Everest. Pick your pack based on the type of trip you envision taking; how much gear you need to carry; and your torso length. Read the detailed product description for each pack, but here's a quick guide:

    For the typical weekend trip just carrying gear for yourself, consider one of our Medium Capacity Backpacks.

    For longer trips, or even a short weekender where you're packing a lot of gear and food for yourself and maybe others, one of our Hi Capacity Backpacks might be a better option. The Hi-Capacity packs will also more effectively carry heavier weights - a lot of water, for example.

    We also have Expedition Packs for those carrying a real serious load on their backcountry adventure. And see the baby carriers for your most precious cargo.

    Most of our rental packs are adjustable within a "one size fits most" range, so unless you're at one size extreme or the other, they should be adjustable to fit. The lightweight and expedition pack selections may indicate a more limited size range they will fit.

    Learn more about backpacks, including the pros and cons of externals vs internals; info on fitting; how to load up with your gear and how to select the best pack for you. We also have a series of videos about backpacks. Or just give us a call at 480-348-8917 to ask any questions about the best backpack for your needs.

  • Sleeping Gear

    We rent sleeping bags and mattress pads via nationwide shipping or local pickup at our retail store.  A lot of campers and backpackers spend a lot of time working on minimizing weight, getting a comfortable pack, packing the right amount of food and water - which are all important - but then give short thrift to the value of quality rest at night.

    We believe in the importance of a good night's rest - odds are you'll be sleeping (or at least trying to sleep) longer than you'll be hiking - and so we offer a wide range of options to accommodate any sleeping style under any weather conditions.

    We offer top-quality, lightweight sleeping gear from Sierra Designs, Kelty, Marmot, ThermaRest, Klymit, Big Agnes and others. All sleeping gear is recent model issue in new or virtually new condition. Everything is cleaned and disinfected after each rental. Here's me in action. Lots of fun.

    For starters, browse through sleeping bags and make a selection considering your lowest expected night-time temperature. Keep in mind if you tend to sleep hot or cold, but the warmer you want to be, those bags will be heavier, so keep that in mind if you're backpacking. And also select based on whether your are backpacking or car-camping, as weight will may come into play. We also offer an ultralight bag liner for rent to add warmth to one of our other bags or to use by itself on hot summer nights. See the product description section for more details. 

    The best sleeping bag is only part of the equation, as what's underneath you is equally important. We have a selection of mattress pads from ThermaRest and other brands. The mattress pad can have as much to do with how warm you sleep as the sleeping bag, and don't believe what you see in Westerns where the cowboy just throws down a saddle and sleeps on the ground - it is actually quite miserable without a mattress pad, even on a tent floor. Select the one best for your trip and weather - see the individual mattress pad product descriptions for more details.

    See our Advice Pages, including more info on sleeping pads, sleeping bags and general info on getting a good night's snooze in the woods or just give us a call.

  • Camp Cooking Gear & Supplies

    The generals say ""An army marches on its stomach."" I understand where that comes from - especially after struggling up and down hills on the trail in the backwoods with a pack on my back for a few hours.

    You'll want to eat heartily along the way on backpacking trips, and dining under the stars is always a treat on the family camping trip. We carry the cooking gear you need to get you through your trip - whether you want to barely get by or feast like royalty.  Read the product specs as some of the cooking gear is better for backpacking and some is better for car-camping.  For example, don't take a cast iron skillet on a backpacking trip and other DUH considerations. Also see our Advice Pages for more information on cooking in the woods, preparation tips and eating right while on the trail, or give us a call for some recommendations.

    Find below the stoves and cookware to help you stay fueled up. Tip - don't cook in the Titanium Kettle - it's a bear to clean; just use it for boiling water. The other pots clean up easy enough. Add some dehydrated food for backpacking if you're traveling light.  Raid the grocery store and your kitchen to fill in the missing pieces.

  • More Gear Rental Categories
    In addition to the main gear rental products like tents, packs and sleeping gear, we rents dozens of more outdoor and travel items to meet just about any camping or backpacking trip need.  Find what you need within the categories below, or just give us a call for assistance at 480-348-8917.
  • Kayaks

    NOTE - DUE TO INDUSTRY-WIDE SHORTAGES WE DO NOT HAVE RENTAL KAYAKS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.  We've been shipping rental camping gear around the country for more than 18 years, but rental kayaks, not quite as easy! So you'll have to stop by our store in Tempe or Lake Havasu Arizona to rent a kayak. But once you do, what an experience! There are kayaks, and then there are Hobie Kayaks. Engineering, power, tracking, stability - all are noticeably better in a Hobie. And no one else has the amazing pedaling system - the Mirage Drive system - where you use your strong legs for propulsion rather than those weak muscles in your shoulders! But for those that want to just work out the arm muscles, we do rent paddle-only versions as well (the pedal versions do come with a paddle so you can do both).

    The 24-hour rental rate you see beside each product listing assumes a pickup after 10am and back the next morning. The weekend rate assumes pickup Friday after noon and back Monday morning.  Rates for weekday after the first day are about half of the first day rate. Rentals at our Havasu store are available for short day trips as we're close to the lake.  See each product description for full details on each kayak model and their respective rates for the Tempe store; there are more options at the Havasu location. Of course you can always just give us a call to discuss your needs.

    We also have many useful kayaking accessories for sale, and it's lots of fun to combine kayaking with camping. See our full selection of camping gear options.  Keep in mind you'd need some safe means of transporting the kayaks away from our store in Tempe, but at Lake Havasu you can hit the water right from our store!