Simply put, we've been in business for 60+ years, and we're not inclined to get into a big argument with someone over a few bucks of used gear. So we try to do things right in the first place, to keep customers happy and save us all some heartburn. Here's our policies:

If you're buying from us -

We guarantee that any used gear you buy from us is in the condition as listed, and we don't bury problems in the fine print somewhere. But you do need to see our general condition categories, and do read the product description for additional details that may more fully describe the condition. If it's not in the condition we stated, we will either send you a replacement, or refund your money including shipping to and from, if no replacement is available.

If everything is as we stated, but you change your mind, or the gear doesn't fit or otherwise meet your needs after you get it, you can return it at your expense and we will refund your purchase price (not including shipping) or give you store credit for something else. But, you've got to do that in a hurry - like the next day or two - and you cannot use the gear before you send it back to us.

If the gear develops a defect after you've used it, you can contact the manufacturer to see what their warranty policy is. Most camping gear manufacturers are quite liberal in their willingness to correct problems - many have lifetime guarantees against defects, normal wear and tear, and stupidity, excluded.

If you're selling to us -

The price we agree to pay you for your gear is stated upfront, but depends on the accuracy of your assessment against our standards. If you think your gear is "Excellent" and we think it's "Fair", we'll let you know why and then either pay you the rate for "Fair" or ship it back to you at our expense, whichever you prefer. It's alwasy a lot easier to assess value in person at our store.  See our general guidelines on how to sell or trade in your gear.

Our store hours are 9am - 6pm Monday thru Friday, 10am - 4pm on Saturdays, and 12-4 on Sundays. 

Watch our short video on some of our used gear offerings: