See all of the GPS navigation rental units we can deliver to you for your next travel to Hungary and other countries!

Travel to Hungary is always a great adventure. However, driving in Hungary or any other foreign country can be stressful - different road rules, signs in new languages, alien car models, and sometimes you have to quickly learn how to stay on the other side of the road! A GPS can help ease the stress of driving in Hungary by guiding you from point to point with voice and visual instructions. You can also use our GPS rental units in "pedestrian mode" as you explore on foot.

And you'll find that renting a GPS here in the US is much less expensive than renting from a car rental company in Hungary, and, there is no guarantee that the car rental company would have it waiting for you when you arrive at your international destination even if you had made a reservation. The GPS units we rent include instructions, a windshield mount, universal car charger cord, and an AC charger cord - everything you need. And we're always available for assistance as needed by our international GPS rental customers.

All of our GPS units for foreign travel have more than one country's mapping information within the GPS unit's data base. (All European countries are included in the same rental GPS for example.) Rent the GPS including Hungary here for complete details on coverage, or give us a call at (480) 348-8917. We also have GPS rental units for Europe, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and other destinations as well GPS units for backcountry travel and geocaching.

We'll ship your rented InReach or Garmin GPS unit direct to your home or office a couple of days ahead of your departure so you can familiarize yourself with it before your trip to Hungary or other destination. Or, you can pick up the GPS at our backpacking and camping retail store in the Phoenix area if your travels are nearby. After your trip, just package up the rented GPS back into the same box we shipped to you, use the prepaid return label, and drop off the rental gear at the most convenient shipping point used by our carrier - there will be many options in every city in the US.

If we're shipping rental gear to you, order far enough in advance to allow for a few days of transit time. Note that you are not charged rent during these transit days. We can get GPS rentals to you anywhere in the US in 5 business days or less via UPS Ground, and expedited shipping methods for quicker deliveries are available. For more information on the GPS system network, see our "˜How GPS Works' page.