Rent a GPS for travel to Europe

Pocket-sized navigation aid for travel throughout Europe. Easier to use than your phone. See full product details below.


Base Rental Rates

  • 7 Days $55.00
  • 14 Days $79.00
  • 21 Days $95.00
  • 1 Month $109.00

This GPS we rent is a high-quality, well-reviewed product from Garmin,  one of the world's top manufacturers of GPS units. Our slim-form, lightweight GPS units for Europe are small enough to fit in your pocket for pedestrian travels, but have a large-enough screen to view easily while you're driving. All have rechargeable batteries, intuitive user-menu choices, and convenient color touch-screen technology. See our complete line of GPS units available for rent.

All voice instructions are clearly audible, can be set for either male or female voice, and are given in English - unless you prefer to read and hear instruction in one of several other languages available. Each GPS offers driving guidance from any Point A to any Point B, giving you at-a-glance valuable information such as:

- Your current location on the map
- Distance and time to your destination
- Distance and instructions for your next turn
- Nearby points of interest such as hotels, gas stations and restaurants

Here's what you get with your Europe GPS rental:

- A Garmin Nuvi GPS embedded with road maps and travel data base for Europe. (see notes on vintage below)
- Windshield mounting bracket
- DC power cord for plug into to car power receptacle*
- Customer service contact information
- Free technical support from our staff
- User guides are available online

* If you plan on using the device for pedestrian use, please request an ac adaptor at checkout. Note that the effective battery time on our GPS rental units when not plugged into a power source is very limited.  That is, if you are out walking with the gps with now power cource, you probably won't get very far before the battery runs down.  Head to this page for more pictures and instruction on our rental gps unit for Europe.

Per Garmin's site, the following areas are included in their European data base with the units we rent:

Great Britain and Republic of Ireland
  Great Britain: Full coverage
  Scotland: Full coverage
  Wales: Full coverage
  Isle of Man: Full coverage
  Northern Ireland: Full coverage
  Ireland: Full coverage*
  Channel Islands: Full coverage

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden
  Denmark: Full coverage
  Finland: Full coverage
  Iceland: Full coverage
  Norway: Full coverage
  Sweden: Full coverage

France and Benelux
  Andorra: Full coverage
  Belgium: Full coverage
  France: Full coverage
  French Guiana: Coverage for most urban areas
  Guadeloupe: Full coverage
  Martinique: Full coverage
  Netherlands: Full coverage
  Luxembourg: Full coverage
  Runion: Coverage for most urban areas
  Saint Barth'emy: Full Coverage

Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein
  Italy: Full coverage
  Austria: Full coverage
  Switzerland: Full coverage
  Liechtenstein: Full coverage

  Malta: Full coverage

Spain and Portugal
  Spain: Full coverage
  Portugal: Full coverage
  Gibraltar: Full coverage
  Azores Islands: Full coverage
  Canary Islands: Full coverage
  Baleric Islands: Full coverage
  Madeira: Full coverage

  Germany: Full coverage

Czech Republic
  Czech Republic: Full coverage

 Greece: Full coverage

Eastern Europe
  Estonia: Full coverage
  Latvia: Full coverage
  Lithuania: Full coverage
  Poland: Full coverage
  Slovakia: Full coverage
  Hungary: Full coverage
  Slovenia: Full coverage
  Croatia: Full coverage
  Bulgaria: Full coverage
  Romania: Full coverage
  Turkey: Full coverage
  Moldova: Major roads only
  Bosnia & Herzegovina: Coverage for most urban areas
  Serbia & Kosovo: Full Coverage
  Montenegro: Coverage for most urban areas
  Albania: Major roads only
  Republic of Macedonia (FYROM): Full coverage
  Belarus: Major roads only
  Ukraine: Coverage for most urban areas

* Users tell us map coverage in the coastal areas of Ireland is fairly normal, but less robust in central inland areas. That's just the state of GPS maps in that area, and to a lesser degree other locations in Europe, not a problem with the GPS units we provide.

PLEASE NOTE: We rent recent model gps units and guarantee they work as designed by the manufacturer. However, that does not mean every address you might search for will be in the data base, nor that you will obtain satellite reception in all environments. We update the maps every few years, so your device may not have the very last update made available by the manufacturer. The models we currently rent for Europe are the Nuvi 2475 and 2577, or other Garmin models with an embedded Europe data card. Please review these models online to ensure they are appropriate for your intended use before placing your rental order.  As any electronic device can fail, we encourage carrying print maps as well as a gps.

For more information, check out our helpful Advice Pages on GPS, including information on geocaching if you are planning an event, and for the basics, see a great article on how the GPS system works. If you prefer, just give us a call and we will gladly answer any questions.

For more information see video below:

Weight 0.3
Navigation Needs Road Travel

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