We rent GPS navigational units and communication satellite devices for customers traveling to and from anywhere in the world. One of the communicators we rent and hire, the SPOT Messenger, can also be used as a "tracker" for competitive racing events in cold weather, like the famous Iditarod and other dog sled races. From the first to last mile, the SPOT Messenger provides an easy way for race organizers to know each racer's position along the course, and to also be notified if someone needs assistance. For the racer, it offers the peace of mind of being able to seek assistance, even while well outside any cell phone range.

Tracking for dogsled race events using SPOT satellite unit

If you are entering a dogsled race or similar event as one of the racers, and are required to carry a tracker, you can rent through our normal process, starting at this link to the SPOT description and rental rate page. You can take advantage of all of the SPOT features, or at a minimum just provide the information from the device that your race coordinator is going to want - its serial number, found underneath the battery cover; and, the device "Shared Page" URL address, a unique web feed that you create under your online profile. We'll send you the easy instructions on how to setup the device the way you want it, and see this explanatory video on using the SPOT while in a dog sled race. Please note that the SPOT requires a clear angle to the sky, so it won't work secured underneath some of your gear, as one example. Firmly mount it outside on the sled, or on your back in some manner to gain the widest possible reception angle, and make sure it's on tight!

If you are a race organizer and are recommending or requiring your event participants to affix a tracker to their sled during the race, then you can let them know about our rental program, or, become our direct customer and you can distribute to participants under whatever arrangement works best for you - either add an additional fee or include in the total entry cost. If your goal is to be able to see the location of all racers on a single screen at the same time - and we suggest you do so - then you'll need to acquire the service from a company that has the right software. We don't provide that service ourselves, but we can direct you to a couple of providers that we work with - just give us a call. To see an example of how our SPOT devices can be tracked as a group on a race course, see our informational video on using the SPOT as a race coordinator for a dogsled race. If you rent in bulk, we'll send you all the tracking feeds in a spreadsheet.

Whether you wish to rent a single SPOT as a dogsled racer, or need to rent several dozen in bulk as the race coordinator, just give us a call for more information as needed.