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Here’s some information you may find useful before your trip (sourced from Wikipedia and other research):

Snow Canyon State Park is a state park of Utah, USA, featuring a canyon carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone in the Red Mountains. The park is located near Ivins, Utah and St. George in Washington County. Other geological features of the state park include extinct cinder cones, lava tubes, lava flows, and sand dunes.

Snow Canyon is named after early Mormon settlers Lorenzo and Erastus Snow. It was designated as a Utah State Park in 1958.

Two canyons, West Canyon and Snow Canyon, begin side by side at the north end of the park, cutting into the sandstone of the Red Mountains. The canyons converge, meeting in the middle of the park. Snow Canyon continues south-by-southeastward as a single, larger canyon. The canyon ends near the park's southern entrance, its mouth opening out onto the Santa Clara bench near Ivins, Utah.

If you are a first-time camper, an overnight trip into Snow Canyon State Park is a great way to get started – it’s probably close by, and the staff is used to advising families out on their first trip. We make it easy to rent gear as well if you are aren’t sure what to take – check out our camping gear packages for easy shopping. Just add food and water!

Snow Canyon State Park is open year-round. It contains 35 campsites for tents and RVs below 35 feet (11 m). The day-use fee is $10. Hikers and bikers may obtain annual passes for $30. The Johnson Canyon trail (to a large arch) may be accessed without payment of fees, but is closed to hikers most of the year to protect nesting bird populations. The Johnson Canyon trail is usually open from approximately November to March.

Snow Canyon sits at the junction of the Mojave Desert, Great Basin, and Colorado Plateau.

The climate is typical for a desert. Higher elevations tend to be dry and cooler. Lower elevations are also dry, but much warmer.

Summers are hot with low temperatures of around 80 °F (27 °C)[citation needed] and highs of over 105 °F (41 °C). Winters see lows around 20 °F (−7 °C) and highs around 60 °F (16 °C).

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