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Here’s some information you may find useful before your trip (sourced from Wikipedia and other research):

Buckskin Mountain State Park is a state park located near Parker, Arizona, USA. A second developed area of the park is known as the River Island Unit or River Island State Park. Both park areas have shoreline on the Colorado River and views of the Buckskin Mountains. The park provides camping and water recreation opportunities.

Both parks have been maintained with the assistance of members from the National Service Program: AmeriCorps NCCC. The park hosted the most recent team in November, 2014 on their campsite & worked with the team to provide the park with general maintenance, inputting a fence, digging water retention pits & significantly cleaning up the beach areas. The team & park rangers also began an irrigation project for the dog run that was scheduled to be finished in 2015. Buckskin State Park & River Island State are primarily operated by volunteers with only a few park rangers split between the two parks. Both sites are home to many different kinds of birds, insects, fish & plant life, as well as a winter haven for travelers from up North.

If you are a first-time camper, an overnight trip into Buckskin Mountain State Park is a great way to get started – it’s probably close by, and the staff is used to advising families out on their first trip. We make it easy to rent gear as well if you are aren’t sure what to take – check out our camping gear packages for easy shopping. Just add food and water!

The history of Lake Havasu, Buckskin Mountain was identified in the Lower Colorado River Land Use Plan as an area to be administered by State Parks. The Parks Board had identified the area as a top priority on its first list of potential park sites. The Community of Parker had strongly supported the creation of a State Park in their area to bring in additional visitors.

On June 1, 1965, the Bureau of Reclamation leased lands along the Colorado River, approximately 12 miles north of Parker, to the State Land Department for park and recreation purposes through Contract No. 14-06-300-1590. The properties were immediately sub-leased by the State Land Department to the State Parks Board. The Contract was for 50 years with the end of the lease to be May 31, 2015. The original lease was canceled on January 18, 1968, and a modified lease was issued to the State Land Department on October 31, 1968. The 1676.56 acres of land covered under the new lease, Contract No. 14-01-0002-0008, were then sub-leased to the Parks Board by the State Land Department. The lease was for 50 years with an ending date of October 30, 2018.

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