inflatable kayaks and sups

Buy and Rent High Quality Inflatable Kayaks and SUPs from Top Brands

If you want to enjoy the zen and fun of paddling sports, but don't have the space or vehicle to transport something big and heavy, then one of our inflatable kayaks or paddle boards is just what you are looking for!

The inflatable models we sell are not like flimsy swimming pool mattresses or something off the shelf at Walmart - these are high quality, rugged, stable and safe in all kinds of water conditions.  Most come in packages with pumps, paddles and carry pack.  See inflatable categories below.

Inflatables are perfect if you:
• Rent an apartment with limited storage space
• Travel in an RV or camper
• Don't have a pickup truck or trailer
• Don't want to car-top a kayak
• Prefer stability on the water more than high speed

We have dozens of models at every price point from top brands like Hobie, Tahe, SIC, Advanced Elements, Bote, Hurley, Solstice and more.  Stop by our store in Tempe or call us at 480-348-8917.  Nationwide shipping available.