If you are doing research before joining the more than 80,000 customers that have rented our camping and travel gear, or have already received your camping gear rental package from us, here's where you can learn about the setup and operation of a specific travel or camping equipment before you head out on your next trip.

The information below provides more details on how to use the propane stove, but we encourage you to give us a call or find more resources online if more details are needed. For more information on this rental item including rates, check out the main product page at Rent Stove - Propane Base/Family Camp Stove. There are more how-to pages on nearly all of our most popular rental items; find most at our video and user guide to rentals main page .

One of our popular rental propane stoves folds up nicely into a compact form so it stores well for transportation.  It folds out as shown with plenty of room for even larger-sized pots.  Note that the pot support frames will be upside down when folded up; just flip over to use.

rent a propane stove        propane stove rental     

Some of our stoves are more rectangular in shape and a bit heavier.  Some, but not all of these will have wind screens.

  renting camping stoves        

Also in this product lines are one-burner propane stoves - real simple to operate, but not as flexible or stable as the 2-burner versions.  The burner shown just screws onto any standard small propane canister.

rent single burner stove

Regardless of the model, all of the propane stoves we rent use standard 1-liter canisters of propane available at most outdoor, hardware and large grocery stores.  Cost is about $4 a bottle, and should be good for about 2 hours of normal-intensity cooking.  We can't ship the fuel, so make plans to buy locally before going to the campsite.

fuel canister for rented stove

All of the stoves will have some type of knobbed flame-power controls.  Be sure these are in the off position when adding or removing the fuel canister

rental stove control knobs

The photo on the left is closeup of the fuel entry point into the stove.  Be careful attaching the fuel connector - it will thread on to the canister at one end and the stove on the other.  Hand-tighten only and do not cross-thread.

fuel connectors on rented stoves        renting stoves for camp cooking     

Some fuel connections are hoses, others are short tubes.  Pieces for the stove may be found with some models underneath the stove or inside in covered compartments.  We assure everything you need is there somewhere with the rental package!

some rental stoves come with fuel hoses

Always bring plenty of matches or a lighter for your rented stove.  Some models may have a igniter, but that feature rarely lasts long after purchase and in our opinion was a waste on the manufacturer's part to install since they break so easy.  It might still work, but don't plan on it!

igniters on rental propane stoves

Here is an overview video about the rental propane stove