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The information below provides more details on how to set up the car camping tent, but we encourage you to give us a call or find more resources online if more details are needed. For more information on this rental item including rates, check out the main product page at Rent Tent - 2-Person Free-Standing Tent for Car Camping. There are more how-to pages on nearly all of our most popular rental items; find most at our video and user guide to rentals main page .

All of the roomy car-camping tents we offer to rent are easy to setup.  Along with the mesh main body and the waterproof protective fly, this 2-man tent incorporates 3 sets of poles - 2 long ones as shown for the mesh body, and a third, shorter pole for the waterproof fly cover.  It isn't too much trouble for one person to set up the tent, but it is quicker with 2 people as one can help hold one pole while the other side is being connected.  Nearly all of our car-camping rental tents, from 2-person to 6-person, are from our long-time manufacturer Alps Mountaineering and will setup like the steps we show below with the photos.

rent two-person family car-camping tent

A good step one is to unfold the tent body on the ground and make an "X" with the 2 long poles.  These 2 poles are the same length, so it doesn't matter which corners you make the initial attachment.

rental of 2-person tents for wilderness camping

Attach the body to the 2 tent poles one at a time.  The body of your rental tent is attached to the poles in 2 ways:  insert the pins at the opposite corners into the end pieces of the pole, and then connect the plastic snaps on the length of the pole, spreading out the snaps evenly.

renting 2-person family-style tents     rental of 2-person family car-camping tents

The tent body when setup should look something like this -  as shown for the window sides from the sides and the door sides.  The color of your tent might be different, but the structure will be similar.

we rent 2-person tents for camping      find family car-camping tents to rent near me

If needed for wind and rain protection, add the fly cover.  First cover the tent body with the fly.  To position it correctly before attaching on the corners, drape it so the logos on the fly are on the window sides, not the door sides.  Attach the corners of the fly to the body by using the buckle (some models may snap on with a bungee rather than buckle).  

how to setup rented 2-person camping tent

Finally, insert the remaining pole under the fly between the doors.  Above each door on the body you will see a sewn-in pocket to hold each end of the pole.  The second pole end may be harder to fit into its pouch; there is quite a bit of intended tension.  This fly pole extends the fly over the door to crate a bit of a porch for better rain protection when getting in and out of the tent.  

rented 2-man family tent set up      installing the waterproof fly on a 2-person rented tent

The finished setup looks like this - to finish, spread out the poles to eliminate slack in the body and use the stakes on each corner to keep it taut.  Store the rest of your rented camping gear and close the tent doors to keep the critters out.  And we hope your camp site is better than our parking lot!

rented 2-man tent shown with fly cover      double doors in 2-person family rental tent

This setup video for our rental car-camping tents shows most of the above steps, but in even more detail.