We're staying open to get you out in the open outdoors!

Published : 2020-03-16 10:33:59
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We're staying open to get you out in the open outdoors!
We know many businesses are closing including some big-box outdoor retailers, and we respect their decision.  But we're a smaller operation with fewer employees and have fewer in-store customers at any given time; statistically we'd be a safer place than your local grocery store.  Barring some serious government mandate, we plan on remaining open during our regular hours.  As owner, I can run the place by myself if our handful of employees are best served by staying home.  We are of course monitoring the situation and following best practices to keep ourselves and customers safe in the meantime. 

There's probably no safer place than getting outdoors on a backpacking or camping trip.  Just catching some beneficial sun on a day hike is probably better than hunkering down at home, and a lot more fun.  You can place any outdoor gear rental order starting here - https://www.lowergear.com/all-rental-items; we can ship it to you or you can mark it for local pickup at our store.  We have typical outdoor gear available for sale - new and used - at our store as well so stop by any time.

Let us know how if we can help keep you sane in these crazy times!

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