We Compare the Riot Mako 12 with the Perception Pilot 12

Published : 2019-01-21 18:09:50
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We Compare the Riot Mako 12 with the Perception Pilot 12
As the prices of some pedal-drive kayaks drop down to more affordable prices, there is always a question of what do you give up with a kayak at such a lower price point.  As our budget-level offering we started selling Riot brand kayaks a few months ago, and first did a video comparison with a Hobie Outback where the price difference was more than $1000.  It's noteworthy that we still sell more Outbacks than Riot models. 

A more relevant comparison might be with some other brands with less-expensive models, and today we happened to have a Perception Pilot at our store for some accessorizing.  We borrowed it for a few minutes to do a fairly detailed side-by-side comparison video to help you in your research before you pull the trigger on a new kayak.  The price difference on these 2 compared models is $500 - in favor of Riot - but you can decide which one gives you the best value for your needs.  

We compare the physical specs, but also things like storage, comfort and operating functions in quite some detail.  So grab some popcorn and learn a thing or two!

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