We sell a lot of used gear - for a lot of good reasons

Published : 2018-10-08 17:00:24
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We sell a lot of used gear - for a lot of good reasons

We cycle out a lot of our large inventory of rental gear at the end of each season and make it available as used gear at a great value to our customers. The great thing about quality outdoor gear is its longevity when properly cared for, which we have to do as part of our rental programs.  You can pickup a piece at a very low price and still enjoy many years of functional use.  It may have a stitch here or a taped tear there, but we guarantee it still does its intended job.  

We also have the occasional overstock or discontinued items that we want to move on from in our retail store.  These are generally still-new items, but also available at a discount as a closeout item.  And in the same area of our store, we include consigned camping and backpacking items that local residents have dropped off and hoping for a new home.

Check out the quick video below for a walk-thru of some our used, consignment and closeout gear!

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