Game of Spikes - Winter is Coming

Published : 2018-10-22 13:54:16
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Game of Spikes - Winter is Coming
As I write this in Phoenix, it's nearly November and it's nearly 90 degrees.  So naturally it seemed like a good time to discuss cleats, crampons, and ice axes.

A real winter is coming where we ship our rental gear, and the snow and ice can get serious here in AZ up north, but that doesn't mean you have to stay indoors.  Properly geared up, you can tackle icy trails with sure feet, and stay warm in below-freezing temps.  Here are a few things we rent to get you through until the spring thaw:

Hiking poles

Sub-zero sleeping bag

Ice ax

Ice cleats

Spikes and crampons


To decide which shoe add-on will work best for your next winter trip, just give us a call, or check out this show-and-tell video:

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