Preset Camping Packages are Back!

Published : 2018-09-28 15:44:49
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Preset Camping Packages are Back!
When we became the pioneers of renting camping gear online way back in the day when Google was just a few years old, we offered preset packages as part of our initial gear rental offerings.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, but we soon bailed on our original offerings as the configurations just didn't seem to fit that many campers' needs - "I'll take the 4-person camping deal, but please remove this,  add that, and I'll need to swap this for that".  So we just went all a la carte so renters could get the exact camping gear set best suited for their planned wilderness trip.  

And in most cases, that will still be your best option - browse all of our rental gear and order just those items you need to complete your gear kit.  But for those with nothing to start with, or not wanting to wade through the many options we offer, a preset camping gear kit may be just what you need.  We get a lot of requests from beginners for something easy to select just to get outdoors for a weekend or longer, so we're giving it another try.

We have added back 2 backpacking and 2 car-camping packages that should better match up with customers' needs going forward.  Included are one- and two-person lightweight backpacking kits, as well as two- and four-person car-camping kits.  Each kit generally includes shelter, sleeping system, food and water accommodations, lighting and other incidentals relevant to the type of wilderness trip being planned.

Check them all out under our cleverly named camping package category, or just give us a call and we'll soon see if we did a better job at them this time around.  Learn more about the great outdoors including what gear to take for your next wilderness trip under our many advice pages - just click on "Learn" in the menu tab above.

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