Our take on the new Hobie Pro Angler with 360 Drive

Published : 2019-11-10 13:04:11
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Our take on the new Hobie Pro Angler with 360 Drive
We submit our 2 cents on this new drive after a evaluation in our store as well as some staff experimenting at a nearby lake.  Our key takeaways:

The basic hull structure has not changed - same length and width; a few pounds heavier to accommodate the new drive stye

The 360 drive is no backwards compatible with any prior year model and vice versa; the drive hole in teh hull is totally different

The drive looks like something you'd see an Apple Store - high tech, but solidly built

To master all the different angles and approaches you have at your disposal in movement, it will take some practice to understand the interplay between the new drive-turning capability, the rear rudder and the skeg board.  

For learning these intricacies, try handling the drive handle in your left hand and move the rudder with right-side handle.

Check out the video for the walk thru and watch us putting it through some paces on the lake.  Or stop by our store to see one in person while we still have a couple on hand - the dealer allocations are still pretty tight so it will be January before we get any more in.

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