New web site comes online - finally!

Published : 2018-07-19 19:51:35
Categories : LowerGear Outdoors News

New web site comes online - finally!
Like divorce and moving, putting in a totally new web site is up there as a stress-inducer.  Our old site served us well, but we were admittedly too slow in moving past the pioneering presence we had as the first gear rental company online back in the nascent stages of the old internet.  So for all those frustrations you had trying to place an order on your smart phone and other shortcomings, hopefully now it will be a little easier.  And our business has changed quite a bit over the past 15 years; back when we started this we were purely rentals and had no idea what a Hobie kayak was, and now we're one of the larger Hobie dealers in the country, and with the new site we can feature that part of our business a lot more.  

But alas, as with all things new online, we'll probably have some hiccups in the transition for a few weeks.  So bear with us, and if you run into an unexpected problem, pick up your old rotary dialer and give us a call . . . .480-348-8917

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