New Cooking Set Option Now Available!

Published : 2018-08-22 08:02:07
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New Cooking Set Option Now Available!
We've had backpacking and car camping stoves, and various pots, pans and kettles, on the site since like forever.  We never got around to offering one of the high efficiency combo cooksets like JetBoil or others; not that there was anything wrong with them, but they were sorta pricey and a bit heavy for our lightweight focus.  But we started working with a company last year - MonsPeak - that has some innovative approaches to gear and when they came out with his new cookset package, it addressed some of the concerns we had in the past.  In any event, it's now available to rent and is on our retail shelf at our store.  Check out the new cookset for rent here - great for backpacking; suitable for light car camping where you're not using big skillets and pots.  Set includes 4 pots and  a canister-style stove that all nests nicely together.  Comes in at a light weight of under 1.5 pounds - check it out!

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